Wednesday, January 22, 2014

BO Admits He Wants Israel Nuked

Charles Krauthammer Admits What Senators Pushing Iran Sanctions Won't: They Want War:

Here is where Krauthammer "admitted" what the Senators are after:

"They're in a very difficult position," Krauthammer said of the Israelis during an interview with radio host Hugh Hewitt. "This deal is designed as much by John Kerry and Barack Obama to prevent Israel from defending itself by attacking these facilities as it was supposedly to prevent Iran from going nuclear."

Got that? So if Israel is prevented from defending herself and Iran gets the bomb and carries out it's stated intent, then the outcome is that Israel gets nuked. Why is that not as certain a conclusion as the headline?

Note, this is supposed to be a NEWS story! But I guess since we can predict the climate 100 years in the future now as "settled science", the political outcome of sanctions a few years in the future is a chip shot! 

Why is it again that our conversations get "uncivil" and "inflammatory"?? 

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