Thursday, January 09, 2014

BO Taking YOUR Neighborhood

HUD’s Power Grab | The Weekly Standard

When limits on government are removed, there are no areas of your life that are exempt from it's mandates ... where you live, how you live, who lives next to you, etc.
HUD wants​—​to use the language of the new AFFH rule​—​more “fair housing choice” for more minorities. Specifically, it wants more affordable housing units built in mostly white communities​—​some 5,000 more. For those additional units to be built, more land would have to be zoned to accommodate them. And that means localities, which under the New York state constitution are empowered to make zoning decisions, would have to change ones still in force and, going forward, make ones that otherwise they would not make, under common zoning practices, which place limits on the size, type, height, and density of buildings.
Got that? You may have just invested a quarter million or so in a home in a settled neighborhood that you wrongly assume is likely to appreciate in value, or at least stay close to the same ... what is more, since you "know the neighborhood" you can always just live there!

WRONG! Do you not recall that this nation voted for CHANGE!! Why the very idea of such a neighborhood is RACIST! If your neighborhood is not "properly diversified" as decided by BO and his minions, then you may need to have a number of the homes razed, or possibly some "green space" converted to tall multi-family dwellings with the "proper" racial makeup to "get your community right".

No doubt, if you already "vote correctly", you can get an "exemption", since you obviously already have your "mind right", but if you have pulled an "R" lever in the last decade or so, you are a target!

These kinds of operations are huge winners for the BO operation:

  1. It is a perfect way to punish areas that don't vote for you AND covert them into areas that DO vote for you by putting a large number of your constituents in high density housing there!
  2. You force the locals that didn't vote for you anyway, to PAY to have their votes overshadowed by your supporters, PLUS the values of their properties are drastically lowered in the process. At a minimum they have less to give to the opposition, and ideally you may even impoverish them enough to force them into your camp. (BO loves the dependent, they know how to grovel)
  3. It is one of the best of the unstated but obvious threats. "Right thinking" (left thinking) wealthy areas are exempted. Opposition areas are labeled RACIST! and their homes are devalued and their votes are watered down with big concrete high density housing loaded with Democrats reducing their political power. You win by teaching people how to vote if they want to keep the value of their homes, PLUS, you have TEETH ... if they stand up and make noise, you get to take them down for all too see and ANYONE that argues is clearly RACIST! 

"Community Organizer" / ACORN writ large! Hell, ACORN will be getting 5K Democrat votes out of every 500 person high density housing building, even in the off years! Saves time to ... they just absentee them in. No need to give people money, smokes or lottery tickets and bus them to the polls!

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