Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Bush Pal Arrested on Solicitation

Visits With School Pals Are a Touchstone on President’s Trips to Hawaii -
In April 2011, Mr. Titcomb was arrested on a charge of soliciting prostitution in a Honolulu sting operation, but the reunions with the president never stopped. Mr. Obama’s concern, Mr. Axelrod said, was for Mr. Titcomb, whose arrest was international news because he “happened to be Barack Obama’s friend.”
I'm sure you all recall this story that was INTERNATIONAL NEWS from 2011! (a google looks like it made Huffpo and maybe abc ... I'll bet one had to look pretty hard!). 

When we have a Republican in office, all their friends are scrutinized and so much as a wrong word from one of them is cause for a few days of media chastisement. Can you imagine W meeting with his "Choom Gang" for a few days on vacation? You know, the guys that he mentioned that he did a "lot of booze and weed, a little blow when you could afford it, but no smack"? 

Ya know, it WOULD be nice if a REAL president could get even 20% of the privacy and leeway to be a normal guy for a few days that this Luo Tribesman gets! 

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