Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Good BO Summary

A word from Peter Wehner | Power Line:

The linked article includes an excellent summary of the BO regime ... grossly incompetent but very negatively consequential. WELL worth the very short read.

My defining moment of the Jimmuh presidency was the Jimmy Carter Desert Classic -- the failed attempt to rescue the US hostages being held in Tehran resulted in 8 servicemen being killed and never even engaged the enemy. In my lifetime at that time, it was the lowest point for America -- we had gone from being the dominant super power at the end of WWII to being in economic decline, high inflation, losing ground around the world to the USSR and  at that point unable to execute even a small military operation even "credibly" let alone successfully.

We recovered from that, but it wasn't easy -- a brutal recession that was virtually constant from '80-'83 was only part of the cost. The loss of faith in America as a worthy ally and the rise of Islamic Fundamentalism largely stem from that time.

Will we recover from BO at all? How difficult will this trough be? What seeds are being sown today that will haunt America 40 years in the future? These are questions that only time will tell, but the summary is a good place to pause and ponder them for a bit.

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