Thursday, January 02, 2014

GOP Tries to Make Political Points!

GOP’s 2014 horror strategy: Exploit Americans’ misfortune, drum up fake outrage -

Damn those Republicans! They are using a few "false problems' WAY in the past (2013) to attempt to smear the brilliant BOcare legislation. Do we know what is in it yet? Not for employee plans, that is for sure since those were delayed by .... by ... oh, wait, King BO himself!

They’ll continue to pretend that new beneficiaries don’t exist and to solicit horror stories as if the calendar still said 2013, and will do so for as long as they sense it’s to their political advantage.
If only Republicans would step up to the plate, accept responsibility and lead strongly as BO did! There is a peach of a guy that ran on a platform, stepped into the job, and I've never heard him or his minions EVER try to dodge any responsibility by going as long as a month into the past!

W? The name has never been uttered from the WH nor in the leftist press since BO boldly stepped in and said "The Buck Stops Here". Blame Bush? Why, BO, Salon, NYT, Chuckles Schumer ... none of them would ever even think of it, Certainly never for "political purposes"!

You talk about a group of people that practice what they preach, one can only stand in complete awe of BO and the American left!

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