Friday, January 24, 2014

Have The Paraplegic Walk in My Stilettos!

The Heroism of Wendy Davis - Ann Coulter - Page 1:

Ah Wendy Davis, roll model to women put through Harvard by Sugar Daddies!

I happened to hear a segment where her campaign, book, and oh so compassionate comments relative to her likely opponent, Greg Abbot were discussed on NPR.

Abbott BTW is Attorney General of TX, confined to a wheel chair since 1984.

Wendy indicated he ought "walk a day in her shoes"!

From the NPR view however, "none of this ought to damage her chances", which I suspect is true, since her chances of being elected approximate that of the MSM admitting human caused global warming "isn't looking so true", any time prior to a few thousand years into the next ice age.

NPR pretty much declared her book "fake but true" ... not in those words of course, but it is was pretty much the inverse of the fake W National Guard records.

Sure,  all the actual facts of her life story were wrong ... she was a MARRIED mother at 19, divorced the first husband for not being able to cover her Harvard school bills, found a guy that could, married him, permanently dumped her kid with him and went off and went to Harvard on his dime. Once he finished paying off the schooling, she dumped him as well!

As Ann points out, sorta the "Cosmo Ann Nichole Smith" school of "strong women getting ahead".

BUT, she is a Democrat woman that isn't horribly unattractive, and relative to your standard Democrat woman candidate, pretty damned truthful. She IS a woman, she DID have a daughter, she DID go to Harvard ... you know, there are a few elements of truth there.

Hey, compared to Elizabeth "Faux-A-Hontis" Warren, who rather having ancestors ON the "Trail of Tears", had ancestors holding the guns on the folks walking the trail, Wendy is sort of a paragon of truth!

Ann's column on it is pretty good. I do love Ann trying to clue her second husband in on what "irony" means!

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