Tuesday, January 07, 2014

If You Shot Bigfoot, You Can Keep Him

Bigfoot: Man Rich Dyer Claims He Shot and Killed Bigfoot | TIME.com:

Anyone that bought the BO line about keeping your healthcare after the government makes all sorts of new requirements on the insurance, being forced to pay for conditions that you are not going to have (like pregnancy for guys / old women), requirements for insurance even if you have pre-existing conditions, etc, ought to find this extremely believable.

Bigfoot MAY exist ... it is impossible to prove a negative! Anyone with a brain KNEW that BO was lying all along!

OK, so the guy has lied before and has a vested interest in the Bigfoot story. Uh, well? Seems way close to the BO and healthcare story!

Oh, and BO thinks the BIGGEST issue is Income Inequality! I guess we are lucky he didn't think it was Global Warming!

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