Monday, January 27, 2014

Intellectual Krystallnacht

The "progressives", the modern heirs to "National Socialists" in Hitlerian Germany, never like to own up to their roots very much. There are two sides of the political spectrum, "right" meaning libertarian to anarchist, and "left" meaning heavy state control to tyranny. That the left in this nation has been powerful enough to call themselves "liberals" and foist the great charade that somehow the totalitarian Nazi government was "right wing", would be a gigantic joke were it not so serious.

What allows this charade to "progress" in an ever tightening noose toward tyranny is the complete loss of anything approaching intellectual honesty, awareness of reality, or basic reason.

The first  linked column covers Steve Benen of MSNBC going ballistic over a letter to the editor or the WSJ written by one of the founders of Silicon Valley, billionaire Tom Perkins.

The second is an excellent analysis from NRO about a couple members of the REAL elite that want us to think they are NOT elite! A quote from that column is telling:

A similar insularity and self-satisfaction, a stubborn refusal to ascribe rationality or good faith to those outside the circle of friendship, can be found in Weisberg’s article in Vogue.
a second quote from that column:

” Senator Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) famously told the 2012 Democratic National Convention. What an odd situation in which we find ourselves, where the most influential figures in politics, media, culture, and the academy, the leaders of institutions from the presidency to the Senate to multinational corporations to globally recognized universities, spend most of their time discussing inequalities of income and opportunity, identifying, blaming, and attacking  behind whatever the social problem of the day might be. This is the way the clique that runs America justifies the inequalities endemic to “meritocracy,” the way it masks the flaws of a power structure that generates Brown-educated cable hosts and personal chefs who open ballparks with a phone call. This is how a new American aristocracy comes into being, one as entitled and clueless as its predecessors, but without the awareness of itself as a class."
The "Love in the Time of Obama" tells us what it means to have POWER and CONNECTIONS in this current regime.

I was lucky enough to enter university and get a technical job in the short time when America was as true a meritocracy as it ever was. The old coalition of the Rockefeller Republicans and the Southern Racist Democrats had been torpedoed by Civil Rights, the War on Poverty, Vietnam and Watergate. Out of that debacle, the Reagan Republicans and the McGovern Democrats were born. There was a "power structure vacuum" that uneasily existed and eroded from Watergate through 9-11 that allowed an American resurgence nearly to pre-FDR levels with even obvious McGovernites like Slick Willy Clinton being forced to "triangulate" to an actual merit tune.

But with BO, the Pseudo Intellectual power brokers have struck back with a vengeance. In pre-Nazi Germany, a lot of Jews were a large part of the TRUE intellectual power base of Germany. The kind of real power that provides scientific, industrial and financial innovation. The sort that excels in the classic arts, philosophy and religion. The intellectuals that make a nation great, as opposed to blind as our current  pseudo crop does. Merit is indeed very unequal, but so is pseudo intellectualism! Nazi or BOist!

Hitler didn't ONLY go after the Jews because he hated them. They also had status, REAL  INTELLECTUAL STATUS. It was the destruction of that intellectual firepower that gave the US rather than Germany the bomb. It was almost entirely because the US was a haven for Jews that we were able to create the atomic bomb ... a perusal of this list gives a little idea of the import of key minds migrating away from rather than toward Germany around WWII. Had Hitler NOT attacked the Jews, he likely would not have been able to achieve power -- with their true intelligence, character and understanding of eternal truth, they could see the hole where his soul should have been, much as many conservatives today have no trouble understanding the danger of BO.

The Nazis were pseudo to anti intellectual in origin, much the same as todays Clinton, Obama, MSM, left university elite. Their hatred is of real character, expertise and meaning, so guys like Tom Perkins, especially when willing to draw the obvious parallels, MUST GO! When you can't actually DO ANYTHING, all you can do is attack someone! W, "the rich", "the congress", etc!

Even though Perkins and his ilk are the "golden geese" that provided that last infusion of the ever shrinking competitive capital that amazingly has kept  our current vacuous "we aren't really elite" ACTUAL guided class semi-afloat enough to hold power mostly without killing folks directly. Fakes ALWAYS hate the real! Our current “butterflied roast chicken with tarragon and preserved lemons, faro risotto with wild mushrooms and leeks, and a green salad with buttermilk dressing, served with a  Barbarescomade by friends in Italy" elite would get their derrières handed to them in any decent N WI bar.

The Chinese, the Russians and the Arab world are enjoying putting the comatose US mouth on the curb for the inevitable kick in the back of the head to provide the full "curb sandwich" of reality. The dish we have so richly earned by wallowing with BO.

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