Friday, January 10, 2014

Is Weather More Extreme?

11 extreme weather records -

As part of the re-branding of "Global Warming" to "Climate Change", the Climate Nazis now regularly hammer us with "it's not the weather, it's the EXTREMES" as "proof of something bad happening so we ought to allow them to control our use of energy". Of course, exactly like anything else, they are not consistent on this ... as soon as they get some high temp numbers, they will talk "warming" again, but for now we are beaking cold records, so "extreme" and "change" are the pseudo science spin of the day.

A Quick summary of the 6 extreme records they point out in this article.

  1. Coldest Temp - 1983
  2. Hottest - 1913
  3. Most Rain in one minute - 1956
  4. Most Rain in 24 hours -1966
  5. Biggest Hailstone - 1986
  6. Longest Drought - 1913 to 1918
See a pattern? Like more records in the last 30 years, with even more records of recent? I sure don't. When data doesn't match your hypothesis, then your hypothesis is wrong. That would be science.

Since Climate "science" no longer follows that rule, it is not science at all. "Proven Science" is an oxymoron ... THEORY is as good as Science ever gets, meaning MANY cases of repetitive data that rigorously MATCHES a hypothesis. ONE case that does not match means that the theory needs to be improved. 

Climate and weather "change" are certain realities ... we observe them constantly. What is MISSING is a THEORY that gives us consistently accurate short term, and maybe eventually longer term REPEATEDLY CORRECT PREDICTIONS!! 

If I can accurately predict the weather next week to within a few tenths of a degree or inch of precipitation,CONSISTENTLY (like 99% accurate) you should start to be impressed. When I can predict it NEXT YEAR to similar accuracy, that will be a sign of real progress in understanding weather and climate. When I''m able to accurately predict the weather of the NEXT DECADE  (easily verified by waiting 10 years and then watching the weather for 10 years), within similar 10th - .5 of a degree accuracy, THEN (and ONLY THEN if it is science you want to do), should you start to believe that I may really be on to something, and can predict temperature to within a degree or so in a CENTURY!

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