Sunday, January 19, 2014

Krugman Defines Fairness

The Undeserving Rich -

Paul Krugman knows what fairness is and isn't. He personally bought a $1.7M NYC apartment in '09 ... there MAY be a few people in the country that would find THAT to be "rich", but no doubt Paul would set them straight.

Paul actually isn't even bothered by the sundry athletes, actors and such making 10's and hundreds of millions per year ... no, he reserves his bile for the "top 1%".

He doesn't even say what do with them. I'm not much of a mathematician, but I'd hazard a guess that the top (and the bottom) 1% will always be with us ...and for those of us in the "middle 90%, the lives of either class are so far removed from ours that we may as well think about life on the Star Ship Enterprise ... or the South Pole, or some other exotic or imaginary situation.

I can only assume his purpose is to make folks MAD at those "really really rich people" ... and maybe hint that "class warfare" would be a good idea ... although as some odd economist he seems to think that the top 1% getting some money in "taking" it from somewhere else. More likely, like the rest of us, they are taking a lot of it from future generations, what our current generation has excelled at like no other. Doing all that we can do to insure that the succeeding generation will be worse off then we are!

Of course that isn't new after all ... we kicked off the staling from the kids mantra way back in FDR days, we are just getting a lot more advanced at it today ... to the tune of $60T+.

Why DOES one write a column like that? BO has been in office 5 years now ... with Krugman largely applauding his policies, and "Income Inequality" by both Paul's and BO's own numbers is worse than ever.

Slick Willie entered the WH penniless and the Clintons are worth $300M today, more than the Romney's ... although somehow if Hillary runs, I doubt if "wealth" is gong to come up much. The Kerry's were worth $800M in the '04 election and wealth wasn't much of a concern then. Al Gore made himself into being worth a BILLION, by selling "carbon offsets" and then selling his cable channel to oil rich Arabs (Al Jazeera)  ... no media types seem very concerned about that.

People that have worked hard and invested might think that folks like Paul, Slick, BO and Al are actually more interested in scamming us with taxes, BOcare, high energy prices and a few other sundry schemes than the "Wolves of Wall Street".  Of course, we are just stupid rubes, not able to understand the brilliance of folks like Paul!
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