Thursday, January 30, 2014

Lawless, Lying and Clueless

The State of the Union, or: Obama Breaks Up with Congress : The New Yorker:

I had no time to watch his eminence BO gassify the House Chamber Tuesday night, but have been watching the fairly paltry after-gas effects. It seems that almost nobody had time to give it very much notice.

Of the many whoppers told this year, the one I particularly found revealing is the "we have created 8 million new jobs". Yeah, sure. If you count ONLY the job creation numbers since the LOW point in 2010, you can come up with that number. But as to a somewhat REAL number, we are 1.5 million BELOW the W peak. Hardly something his worshipfulness would want people to realize because it would prove the simple point that his policies are an abject failure. BO sets a new low point for the term abject failure.

The Democrats actually stood and cheered as he said that he was going to ignore the Constitution and Congress. He took an OATH to honor the Constitution as did they. So we have the spectacle of a criminal standing before his judge and jury, declaring that he is going to continue and expand his lawbreaking,  yet they stand up and cheer! The bulk of the MSM is completely OK with this -- perhaps they have been spending too much time in Colorado!

The stock market is looking tepid, people in N America are freezing in the "Climate Change", propane prices are though the roof (which hurts "the little people", but who cares, "our guy" is in the WH), our foreign policy is a bad joke, and we are appointing ambassadors to Norway that likely can't find it on a map! We are still in the comedy phase of our decline, but the tragedy phase tends to hit rather quickly.

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