Friday, January 17, 2014

Left Applauds Tea Party Decline

Dana Milbank: D.C. returns to business as usual - The Washington Post:

Ah, the cheering as the "Tea Party" fades, and Washington returns to "Business As Usual" where nobody bothers to read what they pass. The "gold old days" of having to "pass the bill to find out what is in it" are back with a vengeance.  By this time next year we will finally know more about what is in the Employer Mandate part of BOcare that was unilaterally delayed by His Worshipfulness BO.

Note that THIS IS GOOD! If the common folk paid too much attention to what was happening, then there might be a chance of them not being happy about this development.

I always like to see the accolades of the enemies of freedom buried in their attack bile:
This has similarities to what happened a few years after the Republican Revolution of 1994, when the revolutionaries began to act like the Democratic majorities they had deplored. Then, as now, the rebels left their mark; in this case, they succeeded in reducing non-entitlement spending at a rate not seen in decades. But comb through the $1.1 trillion “omnibus” spending bill, as the watchdog group Taxpayers for Common Sense has, and you’ll see a return to the old ways.
Get that??  The "rebels" DID "leave their mark"! (which Dana was castigating as throwing grandma off the cliff and strangling the poor stillborn economy back then, but never mind)  In the '90s that "mark" accounted for Slick Willy's vaunted "budget surplus" (were it an ACTUAL surplus, then the FICA account would contain some ACTUAL money rather than pure IOUs!).  This time around the HORROR of the "sequester" was going to "cripple the economy", now, as back in the '90s, it did the OPPOSITE and allowed some level of growth as well as REDUCING THE DEFICIT. Back in the '90s it was a reduction of the deficit in actual dollars, this time around it has suddenly become fashionable for Democrats to crow over deficit reduction as A PERCENTAGE OF GDP! 

As I've argued MANY times, the percentage path is REALLY the only way that counts. Comparing how many drinks I've had vs how many some 100lb woman has had is a useless statistic. Somebody that makes $250K a year buying a $50K car is MUCH different than someone that makes $25K a year buying a $50K car! 

But never mind. Democrats had been using ACTUAL deficit numbers to pound on W since his deficit as a % of GDP looked pretty good since the economy was GROWING! 

Move to BO, and we had a complete "cone of silence" fall over deficit numbers that shot up to an unprecedented $1.6T for a single years, with a numbers over $1T as far as one could see.  Suddenly the NYT and the rest of the media was IN LOVE with massive deficits. 

The numbers are still huge, but since the economy has showed some flickers of life, the "% or GDP" numbers HAD to start sounding better, so suddenly, we have headlines of "deficit improving!!!". 

We had an economy on life support with $1.6T deficits, so now we have an economy in a wheel chair with $1T deficits and it "looks better"!!!! 

At some point, we need an MSM that has SOME minor connection to reality rather than pure political bias colored glasses. 

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