Wednesday, January 15, 2014

NRA Should Apologize to Joe Biden

Student Used Shotgun to Shoot 2 Students in Roswell, New Mexico, Cops Say - ABC News:

When the left does a "series of studies", or maybe "creates a model" (ala global warming) that "PROVES that Joe was right, shotguns are OK and "Assault Rifles" and "large magazines" are evil, and the NRA was 100% wrong and completely disingenuous that tragedies like Sandy Hook could be prevented by having armed people to quickly respond in the schools, then we will get headlines like above blared across every paper and media outlet in the country.
"The governor said a school staffer and an off-duty New Mexico State Police lieutenant who was dropping his child off at the school were instrumental in helping to end the active shooter situation before more people were injured."

Unfortunately way more kids than this die or are injured every day from car accidents, drug and alcohol, suicide, etc, etc.

We all know that shotguns have been around FOREVER, but a huge percentage of broken homes, drugging kids for any behavior issue, violent video games, shows and media, the idea that "nobody goes to hell, it is just over", instant celebrity for shooting your friends, etc, etc is somewhat new. Do we KNOW, "why now", NO ... but we DO know that shotguns are NOT new for goodness sake!!

It seems pretty obvious that our Sandy Hook gun vendetta against ARs and large magazines has not resulted in "safer schools". Is there any chance that we can admit that Joe Biden is an idiot, and the NRA was right and make sure that we have some screening of kids coming into schools that includes an armed officer?

Hello??? Do we want to do stupid politics, or do we want to save some kids?? I know BO and the gun grabbers are waiting with baited breath for some kid to use an AR or at least a high cap pistol so they can go off on another ban-mania, but isn't it just TOO obvious that will do NOTHING to solve the problem WHATSOEVER???? Do they have to make it THIS obvious that they care absolutely nothing for the lives of kids, they ONLY want to get control of those that avail themselves of the 2nd amendment!

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