Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Christie, Clinton and Obama | RealClearPolitics:

Thomas Sowell does his usual brilliant and practical job of dissecting the Christie "Bridgegate" flap and contrasting it with the press treatment of Hillary and Obama.

He likes Christie far better than I do. He points out the obvious though, that someone with an "R" designation MUST be able to communicate, and they often are not. I find Christie to be a hopeless RINO, and I have a hard time imagining myself voting for him.

My view on "Bridgegate" is either:
A). He knew, he has now lied, and he ought to be gone.
B). He didn't know, which makes him clearly incompetent as a leader.

That is pretty much the same as my assessment on BO for Gun Runner, Benghazi, IRS, NSA, Shutdown "punish the public", etc. If one really listed them all, the blog gets too long.

I'm especially struck how when BO was obviously putting up unnecessary "Barrycades" and telling Park Employees to "make it as difficult has possible", the press was nowhere to be found.

Come on, we KNOW that the STANDARD of hardball Democrat patronage politics is "Punish your enemies, reward your friends". Just in case anyone has forgotten, here is admonishing Hispanic Voters to follow the maxim! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7CJqD7F2pwA

So because that is how Democrats operate all the time, then it is OK, but when some RINO does it, then it is time to go on absolute full court press attack??

I guess so.

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