Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Why We Don't Need Senate Oversight

A seminal nominee | Power Line:

Thanks to the Democrats, Republicans now have no power in the Senate to provide oversight to Presidential nominations ... actually they may as well just be appointed without review. As we know from BOcare, NSA, IRS, management of the economy, red lines in Syria, and a host of other items that we really don't need to talk about anymore now that we live in the Kingdom of BO, when you have "The One" in power, you can just relax.

In a Kingdom, what we really need is a predominantly near state controlled (or at least cowed) to fawning "tingle in my leg" media, "things are fine".  We may as well think happy thoughts since the emperor is in control and what he says is going to happen anyway -- the plan for the SOTU tonight sounds like he is going to declare even more directly that the Constitution is beneath him and "he has a phone and a pen".

If you remember an America that was not an embarrassment and are willing to be dismayed as to where we have sank, I STRONGLY suggest you take the time to watch the video in the linked article.

When we have an R in the WH, we have an adversarial press. Since they have lost their objectivity, it goes overboard when there is an R, but it is completely missing when there is a D. I prefer the overboard.

This video explains in a way that words really can't why we NEED an UNBIASED AND PROFESSIONAL adversarial press and CHECKS AND BALANCES, including the Filibuster in our government! Like COMPETITION in our economy, these things used to make us strong, but now we have George Tsunis!

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