Wednesday, February 05, 2014

BOcare Hits Mayo Employees

Mayo Clinic revamps benefits: Employees to shoulder more health-care costs - Local:

Have heard of a few Mayo employees that are likely to add to the CBO reported drop in number of people working  at the end of 2014 in order to stay on a group plan. The CBO projects the workforce will drop by by 2 million or so over the next 10 years. The report also indicates flat economic growth projected into the future -- and usually these reports are on the optimistic side.

"Progressivism" is simply the idea that human nature is changeable by social technologies and education. The USSR, Nazi Germany, and the declines in Japan, Europe and the US should have shown us by now that it us not, but "Progressivism" is a religious faith like "Climate Change", not something affected by facts or actual results. When a nation becomes "progressive", millions die. So far those millions are primarily unborn babies, minorities, and others easily affected by the social engineering pathologies here in the US, but the trend that we see with IRS, NSA and attempts to confiscate guns is in line with  including those not willing to cow to the "progressive" religion in the future.

Sane people respond to reality and incentives. If it is hot we try to get cool, if it us colder we try to get warmer. When people look at the economic climate, they decide if they want to work at all, how much, at how hard a job, etc. I personally know a large number of people (myself included) that would be very employable, but given their age (late 50's) level of assets, pension, etc, have decided that we had no interest in being 50% government workers (add Fed-State, FICA and AMT).

We are seeing a GIANT growth in the number of non or "under" workers at the other end of the work force. People in their 20's to 30's keeping incomes low to maximize government benefits, living together vs marrying, etc. In Europe, super high unemployment and never moving out of home has been an epidemic for 20 years or more -- we have now copied a lot of their system, so we are seeing more and more of their results.

The old Star Wars "is the Dark Side stronger" question is never really settled. Certainly if good people refuse to stand up, evil will prevail.

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