Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Creepy Conservatives

Pew Study Makes More Conservative Voters: Ross Douthat Column | New Republic:

One of the primary views of "progressives" is that humans are infinitely malleable in any way they deem to be "correct". "Gender Stereotyping" is BAD ... you know, like women give birth, pay more attention to their hair, tend to shop more for shoes, watch less football, etc. (YES, I DO realize that there are exceptions ... there are ALWAYS exceptions, That is why we sometimes get hit by something coming from our blindspot! Generalization means USUALLY correct!) That is BAD ... "real diversity" is like transgender lesbian bi-sexuals that cross dress! That is GOOD! Any sort of natural difference between humans is BAD!

I grew up in a Fundamentalist Baptist Church whose philosophy was pretty much "we don't do anything Catholics do!" ... candles, statues, liturgy, vestments, infant baptism, the Lords Prayer, etc) The church was defined as much as being anti-Catholic as by anything positive from Christ.

"Progressives" are pretty much the same ... if God likes it, they hate it! They are defined by being UNnatural ... and they are amazed that people just being people don't have the good sense to realize that being yourself is CREEPY!

The basic motto of "progressivism" is REPEAL REALITY!! ... or at least any sort of fixed sense of same. Men thinking that they ought to protect their wives, daughters and sisters? We must be Neanderthals, right? I mean, not even being EMBARRASSED about thinking such a backward thought? CREEPY!

They probably feel as much at home in a NW WI beer joint as I do in a trendy Vegan reseraunt, although I'm guessing that if most of them feel the need to sneer, they may be less confident there. They can always hope that their female companions feel the same way!

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