Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Dana Milbank, Through the Looking Glass



A quick perusal of Milbank then and Milbank now is rather fun. Seriously? We were not "divided" when W was in the WH? Did the media not ask tough questions, interrupt him, and obsessively focus on his body language at a point he is trying to help construction in New Oleans? Of course the media found that to be "fake" ... but W still helps build homes at various placed around the country today, and AFAIK he isn't running for much. What are the odds of BO would such activities after he leaves the WH ... since he doesn't do them now.

We are ALL biased. **I AM BIASED" ... so I'm certain that I have blind spots as well. Doesn't Milbank have editors, assistants and maybe some readers with a memory longer than 20 min though?

When your bias consumes you, don't you just become an object for entertainment rather than "news"? Could  Milbank REALLY have forgotten when the entire MSM was rabidly in W's face 24x7, and "Scooter Libby" and "outing" Valeria Plame, a "secret agent" that drove from her suburban DC home to CIA headquarters each day was 24x7 national news? Complete with a "Special Prosecutor"
Sometimes it feels like we have fallen through the looking glass.

So Bill O'Reilly doesn't lick BO's boots -- should "the one" be COMPLETELY unopposed?

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