Wednesday, February 05, 2014

EEEK, Seinfeld Puts Comedy Ahead of PC!

Liberals Still Aren’t Funny: Seinfeld Feeds Buzzfeed to the Buzzsaw | Power Line:

Jerry may need a bit of diversity training. When I was at IBM, we got that every year, because PC **WAS** (and still is AFAIK) more important than customers, products, profits, etc at IBM. It is easy to look at the recent level of success at IBM to see how well that went.

Jerry certainly doesn't get it. Just because he is Jewish isn't likely to exempt him. PC "equality", "diversity", the whole schmo is WAY more important than "funny", quality, products, profits, production, money, and all that other "stuff".

PC **IS** one of the big things that counts as modern "morality" and BO and company have done a great job of shaping the heads of Americans as to what is important and what isn't.

A half hearted glance at BOcare gives a good idea of how important BO and his minions hold competence and actual product quality to be!

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