Thursday, February 13, 2014

Free Thinking Black = "Uncle Tom"

A Day After Clarence Thomas Says We're Too Race-Conscious, Lawmaker Calls Him 'Uncle Tom' | Independent Journal Review:

Looks like Clarence Thomas has been immediately proved right yet again. First there was Slavery, then there was Jim Crow, now there is Race Industry Ideological Purity requirements.

The ability of man to be free REQUIRES LIMITED Government!!! If Government is not strictly limited, man is in bondage!

Note, it is "liberal" to demand that all Blacks think alike! That is why I hate the theft of that term by the left. "Socialist", "Statist", "Totalitarian"  (what else would one call demands against how you are allowed to think?). All those terms are basically correct ... "liberal" and "progressive" are both complete lies!

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