Thursday, February 13, 2014

I Wonder Why Katrina Cleanup Was Slow?

Guess What Word These News Anchors Forgot When Reporting On Mayor's Bribery Convictions? | Independent Journal Review:

Of course we all KNOW that answer. George W Bush!!! Incompetence, no care for Black people, etc.

Naturally, the fact of a Cat 5 storm in an area below sea level with known incompetent local and state government and now a proven corrupt mayor had NOTHING to do with it!

BO WITH a cheerleading MSM is having trouble keeping distance between himself and his OWN disaster of BOcare.

W OTOH had as much to do with Katrina as BO does to do with a cold winter and snowstorms or increased petroleum production, but that didn't stop the MSM from hanging Katrina around W's neck as an albatross, or allowing BO to take credit for oil production going up when he has tried to stop it at every step!

We largely live in a media created "reality".

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