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Kansas Through the Looking Glass

The matter with Kansas now: The Tea Party, the 1 percent and delusional Democrats -

Even though OZ is shown for obvious reasons, "Alice" is the right book ... although I can also see Franks saying "pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!"
The main premises of “What’s the Matter With Kansas?” were straightforward enough. First, I pointed out that the great right turn, which began in the 1970s and continues to this day, has not served average people well. Second, that a large and increasing number of those average people were voting for privatizing and deregulating Republicans even as their situation grew worse. From these two points arose the obvious question: Why?
Remember that "great right turn" the US took in the '70s? I guess Watergate, followed by Roe V Wade, then Jimmuh Carter, losing Iran, and the hostages started it all.  I know those big rightward moves really hit me right between the eyes.

Yes, Yes, Reagan won, and we did level out in the '80s, but Government STILL grew like topsy, and our schools and universities still remained reliable left wing propaganda disseminators.

Starting with Carter and moving forth through W, Fanny and Freddy Mae continued to produce cheap loans on homes federally insured -- and some high zoot Democrats on Wall Street did a lot of work with leverage and got bailed out. BO got the most of his BILLION dollars to buy the WH from Wall Street ... 2nd lawyers, and 3rd Unions ... especially teachers.  But the '08 crash was all due to "Republicans" when you live through the looking glass.

Remember Billy and Hilly? They were elected as sharper left turn from already left sliding HW Bush of the "No new taxes ... never mind" pledge. Of course they screwed things up enough in only two years to give the Republicans their first ownership of Congress in FIFTY YEARS. Just to show how very "right" this nation has been. Slick "triangulated" both politically and sexually and kept himself in the WH and entertained as R's cut the rate of growth in entitlements from hypersonic to supersonic for which they received massive chastisement and Slick received the credit for the resulting meager surplus as Silicon Valley gave the Dutch Tulip Bubble a run.

W was elected and promptly did a gigantic federal prescription drug benefit. Now THAT is a pretty reactionary part of that "rightward shift"! I think his motto was "Meaner and Harsher" because of the rabid mood of the right, and Gore's was "Kinder and Gentler". Anyway, Gore went on to become a billionaire shaking down business for worthless "carbon credits" (deposit a bunch in my account and I'll say good environmental things about you), and selling his failed cable channel to oil money from the Mideast ... because giving money to the fortune of an "environmentalist" helps them keep their private jet and yacht fueled, plus convinces most of the massage women to provide the right level of "personal service".

People in Kansas certainly have no right to think of folks like Gore, Wall Street Bankers, University Professors making a 100's of K a year in education and consulting income, plus of course MANY government workers making over $100K a year now with super fantastic benefits relative to those hicks in Kansas don't firmly have the rubes in Kansas "best interests in mind"!

It is interesting to read a column like this and understand just how far much of our left has strayed into an alternate universe that exists solidly between their ears. Their faith is as powerful as Muslims flying planes into buildings, and they are just about as ornery toward anyone that doesn't agree with their dogma, or imaginary world view. We have "right turned" through "Gay Marriage", BOcare, skyrocketing poverty and spending and an unprecedented flight from the work force in just the past 5 years under what I assume Frank sees as the masterful leadership of King BO of the royal edict!

Frank concludes his all knowing screed with the following:
Surveying the wreckage of Brownback’s experiment last year, one Kansas journalist was moved to pen an obituary for the state. But Governor Brownback sees things differently. Thanks to years of passionate work by his army of elite-fighting everymen, Kansas is now “open for business,” he says, under the loving mercantile gaze of a “Big God.”

See, Kansas is "wrecked", seems easy to check,  just compare it with "progressive paradises" like CA, IL and NY on something simple like unemployment.

Kansas 5.9%

California 8.7%
Illinois 9.2%
New York  7.5%

See, "through the looking glass", those states are wonderful and Kansas sucks. All of those states not only have horried unemployment compared to Kansas, they have huge budget problems, murder problems, and other pathologies. But they are ruled by geniuses and Kansas is "wrecked".

Such is life through the looking glass, and how might one ever communicate reasonably with those that live down the rabbit hole?

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