Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Let's Abort Google Engineers

Protesters show up at the doorstep of Google self-driving car engineer | Ars Technica:

When the moorings with God, History, Culture, and common human decency are lost, then "the abyss is the limit".

Here we have some Berkley folks that don't like the way a Google engineer is living ... so they write screeds that make it sound like "aborting his life" would be just fine. I mean, if you have no qualms at all about aborting completely innocent human lives by the hundreds of millions for the sake of convenience, why not? There is no "judge" except "how you feel", and it seems that the right amount of weed, drugs, or whatever ought to do a good enough job to satiate your conscience.
"There are men and women in the Congo, slaving away in giant pits in order to extract gold and other precious metals from the earth. "
You have to love the combination of hubris and selective thinking that goes into this. Yes, no doubt some of them will die in mines ... but probably preferably to those that just die of AIDs, or bleed out from Ebola or many other sundry diseases in the jungle of "nature".

Bleeding out from Ebola or AIDs sounds pretty damned "degrading" to me, but then death is one of those things for which "dignity" is just a fabrication, much the same as "dignified defecation". 

People die, that is certainly a constant. Sooner, later, etc, if it has meaning, then it is a lot better than all the meaningless lives of all the non-thinkers everywhere on the planet. "The flies of summer" ... one may as well mourn for them. 
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