Saturday, February 22, 2014

No Right to be Shameful (or Shameless)

Opinion: Arizona's shameful 'right to discriminate' bill -

The insanity of "banning discrimination" lets one glimpse the abyss of meaninglessness. If one is unable to discriminate, how would one decide what was discrimination??? If all is the same, with no ability to discriminate, then all is nothing.

In the real world, you would not be able to even conceive of such a fallacy ... you would not be able to discriminate the letters from the white background, and even to write in some language is clearly a choice, and therefore a form of "discrimination".

In the mostly imaginary  political world however, it is EASY -- and "productive",  in fact, it is the essence of politics prior to the creation of the Constitution, known today as "the Chicago Way". Separate your enemies from your friends and punish the one and reward the other!! Those that think like you, have an "approved color" or creed are naturally immune to "discrimination", or sanctions for discriminating against others!! They have the power, they make the rules!

As this column says, they get to decide what the "right" side of history is, and to sanction those that are in disagreement with their dogma. Simple!

Christianity had it's "Spanish Inquisition", and one would have thought that after all the 20th century ideological examples --- Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, etc, that American leftism could have avoided this path.

Apparently not. Let's ban gravity, pain, death and ugliness as well.

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