Monday, February 10, 2014

Subversion for the Rest of Us! (maybe)

Is The LEGO Movie The Most Subversive Pro-Liberty Film Ever?:

Interesting column. I'm not going to buy it as correct yet, because I've not seen the movie myself, it IS delicious to even POSSIBLY see Michael Moore getting confused about what is up here because of his knee-jerk reaction to the evil president being "President Business" is just too rich.

Yes, I really mean this: “The Lego Movie” is hilarious, smart, satirical/political (the President’s name is “President Business”) & fun. GO!
Good column, 2nd invocation of "immanentize the eschaton" in a couple weeks!

“All I’m asking for is total perfection!” bringing in “micromanagers” to help out. It was that scene’s call to immanentize the eschaton, by the way, that convinced me the FOX panelists hadn’t seen the film before critiquing it. President Business actually gives a character a choice between fealty to him or “a tea party with your mom and dad.” 

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