Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tehran Prepares to "Negotiate"

American flags burned as 10,000 Iranians protest on US Embassy siege anniversary - NBC News.com:

Nice to see that BO's "negotiating partner" is burning him in effigy. I'm sure he would be happy to join them in burning the flag of the "great imperialist Satan", but maybe they have not read "Dreams From my Father" and understand that his mission and theirs are one in the same!

All both BO and Iran want is PEACE! Indeed, once Israel lies in nuclear ash and the whole world is on bended knee to Allah and Sharia Law, the world will finally be at peace ... well except for a few little "frictions" between Shia and Sunni, but never mind.

Ah, the "pursuit of earthy peace". At least it is one that we will all reach, in the tomb. With BO's help, blessed rest may be much quicker than many of us would have thought, but still just a millisecond change next to eternity.

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