Tuesday, February 04, 2014

The Way of the RINO

Republicans to the Rescue? | RealClearPolitics:

RINO -- Republican In Name Only

The Republicans are Charlie Brown and the Democrats are Lucy. (or as I sometimes like to say "Luci", the female persona of Lucifer).

Let's spend some more money today and agree to "bigger cuts down the road". The R's always go for it, and then when the "bigger cuts down the road", show up -- as in the "sequester", Ryan and the rest of them cave on the "bigger cuts", and throw in some extra spending. (the football gets pulled away, to continue the Peanuts analogy).

Why do they do it? Because they want to be "liked". Because they get scared and think it is an "easy win" to "appeal to the middle". Because the MSM says that the ONLY "reasonable thing to do" is raise taxes more on more successful Americans and business and provide more "temporary assistance" to the growing set of less to non-productive Americans, while passing a larger and larger bill to future generations. Anything else is "extreme", "mean spirited", or "partisan". Nobody likes to be labeled with those words!

And so it goes with "immigration reform". Republicans MUST make an amnesty deal today, in exchange for "tightening the boarders tomorrow" ... "for the innocent children". As Sowell points out, billions of others of which are sadly born outside of the US as well, "through no fault of their own". They however are less likely to grow up to be Democrats than the ones in Mexico, so the "caring" of the Democrat party is not evident for them.

This is not new! Democrats are the party of "democracy", better stated as MOB RULE! They proudly presided over slavery for 100 years because it was a political winner. Then pivoted to Jim Crow, for another hundred for the same reason. Then they shifted to being "the party of the little guy", buying votes by transferring money from the pockets of the more successful to the pockets of the less successful and taking their cut.

Their currency is Political Power and bad checks written on the bank accounts of the successful. They are the party of the TAKERS or in the case of FICA, the "future taker wanna bees".  Their morals consist of "win baby, win", because it is all a zero sum game to them based on government power. Being in power in national hell is infinitely superior to being on the back bench in a successful growing, thriving nation for them. They have no "rule of law" other than what they make up in the moment which they expect to use for political advantage.

We are fast running out of MAKERS, and RINOs are not the party of makers anyway. Makers need to build things, compete, produce, defend, make the reality based hard decisions. They are "the goose that lays the golden eggs", but the Takers have pretty much started hacking away at the magic egg laying capability of the makers, and that part of our once proud system is either close to gone or gone.

Why do great nations decline and die? Because they turn from their ultimate Maker (God) and his Law, then promptly turn against their earthy Makers and consume themselves.

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