Monday, February 10, 2014

The Woven Contribution of the Collective

Opinion: Jerry Seinfeld, wrong on diversity -

"It's an invitation to appreciate the woven contribution of the collective."

For those familiar with the "Borg Collective" on "Star Trek the Next Generation", the other line is "You WILL be assimilated" -- which is the motto of PC, LZ Granderson, and the socialist collective in whatever form it rises up.

The often self-appointed spokespeople for the collective will FORCE you to see things their way if you are too stupid, or lack the "good sense" to cow to their demands. Assimilation is NOT a choice!

America was founded by people who were willing to risk their lives to NOT be assimilated ... into the State Church, or their assigned Class / Slot / role in a much more collective society in Europe. America was a place where you could be YOU, brands of you that just didn't exist in Europe -- fur trapper, explorer, pioneer farmer, river boat gambler, cowboy ... etc.

The fact that Seinfeld is Jewish is never mentioned by LZ. It turns out that down through the ages Jews have suffered a lot of "discrimination" as well, and still do -- often from blacks, especially Muslim blacks.

Is PC in America going to deal with that? Nope, Blacks are even even more of a reliable voting block for the collective than Jews, and while Jews will often get a pass from a lot of the collective on the PC thing, apparently LZ hasn't got that memo.

Focus on what is funny? That is like focusing on quality, or the product, or making a product, or winning games. America isn't about that any more, America is about "fairness", "diversity", "PC" ... sure, if a few products of some sort happen to fall off some line somewhere, that is OK, but that is NOT our focus! No, we are BETTER THAN THAT!

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