Thursday, February 13, 2014

To Soothe Is Not My Inclination

The Arrogance of Mitt - Mark Bowden - The Atlantic:
“To soothe is not my inclination,” says Mitt, who sees Obama as a certain disaster. “This is really serious, guys. This is really serious. I cannot believe that he is an aberration in the country. This is following the path of every other great nation, which is we’re following greater government, tax the rich people, promise more stuff to everybody, borrow until you go over a cliff. We have a very high risk of reaching the tipping point sometime in the next five years.” He frowns and shrugs."
I find that paragraph and the title to be very informative.

The author clearly thinks that it is a foregone conclusion that Mitt is wrong -- wrong and "arrogant". One could suggest that ANY predictions about the future, 5 years, 50 years or 100 years are "arrogant", but we all make them. We start a career, a family, an education, reading a book -- assuming that it isn't futile for a myriad of reasons. Our death, the death of a family member or dear friend that "changes everything", war, pestilence, economic collapse, hemorrhoids, inflation. All things great and small can and will affect or even devastate our puny predictions.

Does a man like Mitt run for President for any other reason than to serve and to do a better job than the current occupant of the White House? I find it hard to believe he does ... unlike BO, he has accomplished much, and his eyes are set on eternal issues, not merely the next 4, 8, or 80 years of America in this mortal coil.

What about BO? is not "arrogant"?  Two autobiographies before age 50? Does his picture show up under "narcissist in the dictionary as it should yet? For a Jr Senator whose only real "experience" outside of law school was as a "community organizer" -- a rabble rouser, a man worshiping Saul Alinsky who dedicated the manual for "community organizers" to Lucifer to reach for the presidency of the former "greatest nation on earth"?

 We know from BO's books, the company he keeps and his actions in office that BO really does intend to destroy the nation that used to be America. Mitt is right. We set ourselves up. BO may have a different ultimate goal than the rest of the folks trying to take rather than make, but deep down they all know that their path is corrupt. They may or may not be dimly aware that it is the standard path to "Greece" of "once great nations", but there is a sense that taking rather than making can't last for long.

So we go down. Babylon, Egypt, Persia, Greece, Rome, Britain ... and now America. Only God is sovereign, our puny nations are but tares to the fire.

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