Sunday, February 23, 2014

Unapolagetic and Weightless

And Now for Something Completely Different | Power Line:

I agree with PL, Kate Upton weightless is TRUE innovation!

Isn't it great that on the left, the people they approve of are supposed to be PROUD of WHO THEY ARE!!! Like a "minority" like "women" who are actually a majority, can be PROUD ... well, unless they are too proud of how they look, too "perfect", maybe too white, too wealthy, or too Christian ... or "randomness forbid", conservative!!!

The left is very much like the Amish or the Medieval Catholic Church.  If you agree with their dogma, you have a right to "their view of happiness" ... which includes a special kind of scolding pride. If you have any disagreements with their views on everything from eating, drinking, how you look, to where you shop, what you do for a living, what kind of car you drive, etc, etc, you darned well better be APOLOGETIC!!

Gay - Proud. Gun owner - Apologetic!  Poor drug user - Proud. Wealthy conservative - Apologetic!

Muslim with wife in burka behind you - PROUD! Christian sitting with family in church - APOLOGETIC!

and so it goes.

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