Saturday, February 15, 2014

Understanding Aristocracy

Opinion: We need a vibrant middle class -

America was founded as a Constitutional Republic rather than a Democracy because our founders understood something that the columnist doesn't. Those that have been successful in a country, want to have families that carry on their values and have invested actual wealth ... maybe for generations, have a LOT more at stake in a nation than a minimum wage worker,  undocumented Democrat, or the "politician de jour".

So we have 2 Senators per state and we once had Senators appointed in the states rather than elected by popular vote prior to the 17th amendment in 1913. Many of our founders wanted more control by the aristocracy, and it seems pretty clear that they were right.

When people that have invested their lives and their futures SUCCESSFULLY in a nation, they are not likely to allow unborn future generations to be saddled with debt due to benefits voted to the current generation.

Do we "need" a "vibrant middle class"? Probably, but certainly not "at all costs", and there would seem to be pretty strong evidence that whatever policies BO thinks are going to achieve that goal (if in fact that is actually what he wants to do), it certainly isn't working. Guess what. The same policies worked equally as badly under Carter.

Much like driving through some stressful snowy roads to get to warmer weather (which I did Friday), there is often some risk / stress / work / uncertainly required to get to worthwhile objectives ... say cruising the Caribbean with a beverage in hand (just to name a random case). Remove the "challenges" and things do "change", but most likely in the direction of "stasis" rather than "growth" ... getting in shape, getting educated, getting rich, getting to FL, etc all require effort. Stating that "we need a vibrant middle class", and calling the rich "clueless" really doesn't move the ball forward.

The "rich" may be oh so "clueless" as  the link from the main page claims, but much in the same vein  as "If Einstein is so smart, how come he is dead", if the rich are "clueless", how come they are rich and you aren't?

That is ALWAYS a question that pisses off the left, but why? Pro golfers play way better golf, swimsuit models tend to look better than the rest of us, and I definitely can drink the author of the article under the table. So?  Actually I'd like to lose enough weight so such a test might be in question, but right now it isn't .

It is absolutely certain that every rich person passed up, and continues to pass up the ability to be poor. The inverse is not true -- nor CAN it be true! Figuring that out would go a long way to helping the author of column  understand the real world.

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