Monday, March 31, 2014

Alien Moose Discovered in Roswell

Left El Dorado KS at a bit after 8 after searching for a charge cable for my new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 that dropped into a black hole.After wasting time today at every stop trying to find a new cable, discovered 2nite that "std" micro-usb will work on one side of the attach port! Main cable is for charge AND sync ... charge only works with the old micro, COOL!

65 degrees to start, mostly 70-75, brutal crosswind until evening ... 25-30MPH again!

Took 400, then 54 most of the way. Liberal KS was funny ... giant landfill and HUGE beef processing plant on way in. Dalhart had the bigges feedlots I've ever seen on the SW side, MILES of them! Had to be 100K+ head. Tucumcari was interesting ... very large "bluff / mesa" with interesting shape next to town, old "Route 66" mainstreet. You can imagine it really hopping during summers in the 50's and 60's.

Lots of very green winter wheat, but like ZERO other crop work done. Hispanic kid chatted about the Wing and complained about their "hard winter" at Liberal -- little snow even, days it didn't thaw, TOUGH winter by their standards, he was like "20" ... "never imagined he would see anything like that, just thought it would keep getting warmer, that is what they said in school!" Ah yes, reality and learning that the "experts" often AREN'T!

The set of roads out of Tucumari was interesting ... 209,268,267,330, then 70 for the last 50 mi or so. Lots of open range, a few curves, no ditches, a few antelope, VERY little traffic. More farming than I expected to see in New Mexico. Good day, lots more variation, small towns. HOPEFULLY be out of the wind tomorrow!

Plus, my cell will be charged, so I might go for some pics finally!

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  1. Wonder if you'll see any roadside stands that sell fresh roasted peppers?