Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Driving to Hawaii

Watch Cory Booker Claim He ‘Drove To Hawaii’ As A Teenager During Climate Talkathon:

Perhaps when the ice age gets a little deeper, Democrats actually can drive to Hawaii. Certainly, the claim that a Democratic Senator drove there on his first road trip is about as factual as the whole spectacle of the Democrats in general.

They  DO control the Senate, and have already been very willing to use various dodges to evade the filibuster, so could go ahead and pass cap and trade if they wanted to.  (which they failed to do even when they DID have 60 votes AND the house in '09-'10). But if they DID go on record as passing it, they wouldn't be about to get it through the House.

But what does that matter? If they had the strength of their convictions they would WANT to be on record as having passed it ... as the House as been on record more than once passing legislation to repeal or delay BOcare. Those actions received universal denigration in the media, but naturally when BO ILLEGALLY modifies and delays pieces willy nilly that is JUST FINE!

Never mind, the all-nighter was just a fund raising stunt, but the nice part of being a Democrat is that pretty much nobody that matters even cares to point out the obvious if it could be taken as "not reflecting well on Democrats".

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