Monday, March 03, 2014

End of Days Preview

Scale of suffering at Syrian refugee camp is revealed by photo of huge queue for food | World news |

There has not been a lot of coverage of this picture in the US, but some pictures are worth many thousands of words.

Can you even imagine what our news would look like now if W had done a proud "reset" on Russian relations after Slick, Gore, Lieberman, Kerry or Edwards had mentioned that "Russia was a likely adversary" and been smugly derided by W. Remember, Putin "bailed out" BO and Kerry on the "red line" in Syria!

The surrealism just marches on and on ... and then at some point you find yourself in a queue like one pictured and your realize that while BO, socialism, "settled science", "you can keep your healthcare", "it is good that less people have to work", etc etc were all lies, but lies that have a very real effect on the lives of real people!

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