Sunday, March 16, 2014

Fox Effect Book

Sometimes it is good to realize how we got BO for President. Skip ahead if you need to ... it is AMAZING how "well informed" these voters were on Palin -- or at least the Tina Fey parody of Palin. Our MSM does to a great job of getting it's political message out there -- even when it is a parody. Remember, this is 2008 for those reading this in the future.

I've been trying to SLOG through "The Fox Effect" by David Brock, founder of "Media Matters", who says in their "About Us" section:
"Media Matters for America is a Web-based, not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) progressive research and information center dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media."
Got that? Media Matters IS a 501c3 CHARITY! The IRS worked hard (and unsurprisingly) Media Matters agrees that Tea Party organizations should NOT have tax exempt status because they are PARTISAN! Good thing that MM is doing a public service by monitoring for CONSERVATIVE bias! Can't be having any of that, and to be searching for ONLY "conservative bias" is clearly "non-partisan", so it is great that Media Matters is a 501c3! Got that? This is how things work in a single party state!

Why, Fox listeners are ill informed!! They don't KNOW that Climate Change is settled science. They don't know that BOcare is going to SAVE us money! They don't know that "anyone that likes their healthcare can keep it!" They don't know that W was completely responsible for the 2009 budget! (not even liberals are smart enough to know that the House is responsible to set the budget) .... See, "facts" are not up for discussion, and only the left has "facts"!

I may not be able to get through this book ... essentially it's whole point is "Fox is biased"!!!!  HORROR!!!

Did you know that Fox brought up quotes out of BO's "Dreams From My Father" book??? This of course is NOT "journalism" ... like sending teams of folks to scour anything they they can to try to dig up something on W from his days in the National Guard. Hey, he might not have been the worlds best FIGHTER PILOT! Clearly complete disqualification for being president!

.... how DARE you mention that BO discussed the idea of "filtering his Mom's white blood out of his body"? IN HIS OWN BOOK!  Unlike W maybe not being the greatest National Guard pilot  (and not even bragging that he was), which is TERRIBLE! If we could get some "fake but true" documents to "prove" that he wasn't (even though he never said he was), would that be a crime?

Roger Ailes worked for Nixon ... uh, but Chris Matthews worked for Edmund Muskie, ran as a Democrat in Pennsylvania for congress and lost, was chief of staff for Tip O'Neil and was a speechwriter for Carter ... but he is a "good guy", no "bias" or even problem there!

Tim Russert was chief of staff to Daniel Moynihan and counsel to Mario Cuomo ... so he had experience!

Actually, it IS OK ... to me at least. I EXPECT that ALL people are going to have bias! Unlike the voters in the linked video, it would be VERY nice if they also had some clue about reality beyond the biased view, but I also know that I'm in a distinct minority on that theory.

Public Radio and TV are probably where I have the most difficulty. Every time I hear them say "we have PROOF that we are in the middle or the road because we get complaints BOTH that we are too liberal and too conservative"!!

Well DUH! Every self selecting set ... a church, a gun club, NRA, Sierra Club, etc, etc is going to have a "bell shaped curve population" ... half on one side and half on the other with most clustered around the middle!!!

Why? They select themselves! In general (excluding odd Mooses) the people listening to NPR feel that it is a "reliable and proper source for news" ... half of them will find it a bit on the liberal side, and half of them will find it a bit on the conservative side ... but those closest to the middle (the majority) will pretty much find it to be Goldilocks ("just right").

Most people feel the same way about the hoppiness of the  beer they drink, the hotness of their food, etc. etc. It is one of the most basic parts of statistics to understand this! It doesn't get any more basic than "the bell shaped curve"

We are ALL biased, and that is GOOD! We are NOT all biased in the same way ... thus we have something to talk about!

So why don't "liberals" think the same way? Because they KNOW that they are right! Not only that, they KNOW that conservatives are either stupid, evil or both! Thus, Fox needs to be stamped out ... along with anyone else that would ask questions of BO voters and make them look bad!

"Liberals" have the unconstrained view of mankind and believe that "key intelligent experts" need to get everyone's mind right. The "masses" are just not smart enough to understand the nuance and brilliance of the elite "liberal" view of the world, so it is only as a public service that they want to make sure that the horribly wrong thoughts of people not smart enough to see things their way are stamped out as quickly as possible!

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