Monday, March 17, 2014

Gay St Paddies Day

Erin Gay Bragh? | Power Line:

It isn't enough to be treated like everyone else if you are gay. You must be treated SPECIALLY! Rather odd, when the supposed claim is the desire to be "treated like everyone else". Only, it isn't -- the desire is to have your lifestyle constantly validated and CELEBRATED! If you actually believed in your lifestyle, you would not care.

So everyone else follows the rules for the parade -- business attire, no green funny outfits, two flags, one Irish, one US, and the only political statement allowed is "England get out of Ireland". There are no groups identifying their heterosexual preferences for boobs, blondes, butts or brunettes either.

Turns out the parade isn't about sex! Wow, what a concept!  It is about Irish heritage and a SAINT! You don't get to eat, drink or smoke during the parade either, but the fact you don't is not a statement on the morality of any of the above.

If I go to someone's home that I know doesn't drink alcohol, I don't take wine, beer or whiskey even though I like all of the above. I don't have to always have my political or religious views expressed. I have them, they are mine. I not only don't need them validated, I'm absolutely fine if you want to question me on them or even denigrate them -- I will be very happy to defend them!

But we don't HAVE to have that discussion! I don't need to wear my NRA T-shirt into your left leaning wine tasting, nor bring my whisky bottle to your milk and cookies Southern Baptist softball game!

We are at a very strange place. EVERYTHING is REQUIRED to be politicized! It is not enough for SOME behavior to just be tolerated, it MUST be "celebrated"!!!

We don't demand that the drunk drink up everywhere -- why, it is DISCRIMINATORY for them to not be able to drink and drive! We don't need to have heterosexuals flaunting their preferences -- at work, in school, in the St Paddies day parade, etc.

Smokers? Good Lord! Do you suppose that anyone WANTS to be addicted to tobacco? or alcohol for that matter? Pedophilia? Gambling?  Do you think that somebody decides "hey, this looks like a pretty good lifestyle, I think I'll have sex with kids"!

 No, there are all sorts of inclinations, proclivities, weaknesses, mental tics, poor upbringing, bad choices etc  that have to be controlled, kept private, avoided, regulated, criminalized, treated, etc. If Slick Willie was a captain of industry rather than a lefty politician, he would likely be a destitute ex-con in sex addiction recovery ... assuming that he could beat the Juanita Broadrick rape charge, or if not he would  be someone's "girlfriend" having romantic tin tray meals.

Oh, on Slick, if you are on the left, compare the treatment of Anita Hill / Clarence Thomas with the treatment of Broadrick. Put W's face on Slick and THEN see what you think of the charges as presented in that bastion of right wing vitriol, Slate.

I really really hate the "we are going to boycott this and that" deal -- I find it to lack respect for TRUE pluralism and in my book "the American Way". Yes, Guinness really pisses me off by dropping out of the parade cuz the gays had a hissy fit, but the "I'm never going to drink Guinness again" feels like Carter shooting the US farmers in the back when the USSR invaded Afghanistan in the late '70s ... only it is ME taking the bullet by missing that very occasional pint of black tar.  

Frankly, we have become a very limp wristed  namby pamby nation in general -- China, Russia, some Arabs, etc are likely going to have to really spank our ass seriously before some manning up occurs. 9-11 just didn't really get the point across, and we are certainly asking for it now.

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