Thursday, March 06, 2014

Ghostbusters Caused Reagan

Baby boomer humor’s big lie: “Ghostbusters” and “Caddyshack” really liberated Reagan and Wall Street -

I'm not going to quote you a lot out of this, you need to read it. Thomas Frank is very well respected in liberal circles, and this is not on Salon's humor page.

Certainly a conservative or libertarian is going to read this and be very tempted to just laugh completely out loud. Go ahead and do this, but then realize for a moment that this guy is SERIOUS! He is pretty pissed that someone is willing and ABLE to make movies that he sees as espousing "the common man" standing up and most of all SNEERING at his BETTERS! Frank strongly believes he is one of those betters! He sees himself as "Dean Wermer", "The EPA Guy",  Ted Knight (Mary Tyler Moore) as the judge in Caddyshack.

OK, so I pretty much agree with him on that ... short laugh break here.

BUT. Consider Orwell's pigs; "some are more equal than others". Frank is absolutely certain that HE is "more equal".

Frank utterly forgets the hundreds (thousands?) of movies, rock songs, books, TV shows, plays, etc, etc that provide a myriad of extremely negative portrayals of business, wall street, the rich that earned their money, etc. He also forgets that this small bevy of movies was very clearly HUMOR, and it is HIGHLY unlikely that they had any sort of effect even REMOTELY strong enough to counteract the 12-20 years of hard left wing education forced indoctrination, the MSM, the entire media culture, and the effects of constant left wing economic disincentives ... why not just stay on your parents healthcare until 26 and maybe live off the government dime for a while like the "kids" (formerly adults) in Europe?

No, Frank's lefty thought utopia is very safe until it crashes into the evil abutment of reality -- which even BO can't decree to cease and desist. But why is he so pissed?

Because Frank's universe must be PURE! His world doesn't allow for someone "flipping him the bird" ... especially if that someone might be armed! Frank wants them on the ground, cuffed, and thrown into the Gulag where he can  INSURE that they "get their mind right". Fealty is INSUFFICIENT! It has to be GENUINE you swine!!

Naturally the idea of Frank walking over and accosting any red blooded American over flipping him the bird  in reality an extremely funny thought. One doesn't need a weapon to have guys like Frank wetting themselves in the real world, but there is the rub.

Frank has no intent or predilection to a "fair fight". He HATES real merit, he hates real strength, he obviously even hates real humor. His anger at those things forces him to show his true colors -- just a bit, and just to his friends at Salon, but due to the internet, perhaps a glimpse can get out??

There is NO DOUBT that his goal ... and the unstated goal of MANY on the left is CONTROL at a level that would stamp out the kind of "subversion" of the Ramis movies evening HINTING at targets like "government". Subversion would still be very much encouraged in that world -- against business, family, church, wealth, etc, but NEVER against government.

So Mr Frank, even when you walk by me in my cell, you are right! There ARE those of us willing to flip you the bird (even though only an extreme paranoid thinks it has anything to do with Harold Ramis movies)! Even WORSE, it is just fine that we live in a country that is free enough so that others can flip me off (although I may walk over and have a nice chat with them).  That is their RIGHT, and I CELEBRATE IT!

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