Sunday, March 23, 2014

Koch is Biggest Oil Sands Player

Washington Post Falls For Left-Wing Fraud, Embarrasses Itself | Power Line:

Only, of course they are not, that is just what the WaPO and a bunch of other lefty mouthpieces reported. They are barely a player at all as is easily and fully shown by this column.

** But that is not what I want to write about!!

I've been reading a bit too much "left" lately. "The Fox effect" and "Dog whistle politics" are books I'm slogging through for example. What more deeply thinking people need to understand is that for those on the left, Koch = EVIL, and articles like the one dissected here are taken as FACT!

Thy become enmeshed a world view where Fox News, racism, evil big business, big money, Citizens United and a vastly longer list of things are part of a woven tapestry where  "what EVERYONE knows"! Or at least "all right (correct) thinking reasonably intelligent people" ... and lord knows (a generic, imaginary lord) that NOBODY would want to be associated with "those people" (shhh, almost all of them are WHITE, but we are not racists here ... THEY are racists, you can even be white and be "one of us" as long as you say exactly the right stuff!).

So the NYT, Public Radio, NBC, Slate, etc, really have no other choice than to HATE all things Koch and attack them by ALL means, both legal or not. The MUST be stopped! Their brand of "speech" is not acceptable!

Meanwhile, they are completely blind to the actual top donors, both in groups or as individuals. "ActBlue, AFSME,  IBEW, American Federation of Teachers, American Assn for Justice ..." are nearly unknown relative to "BIG MONEY in politics". Individually, compare how often you hear "Katzenberg, Goldman, Simons, Eychaner and Linbeck" of which Linbeck, the little guy gave $1.25M in just 2012.  Meanwhile, OpenSecrets, certainly no "conservative organization" ranks them ALL TIME at #59 with 18M TOTAL from 89-2014.

But Koch is the name that has been branded by the media as evil -- pretty much as well as "Coke" (pronounced the same) is branded as a really good soft drink.

It is relatively hard work to look at a couple points of view and at least understand that it all isn't NEARLY as "cut and dried" as we would all love to have it.

In the universe proffered by "US education, the MSM, US entertainment, etc" the physical universe is daily observed by "experts", thought about, analyzed with "complete lack of bias" (other than "facts and logic"), and then lovingly fed to us all in completely easy to digest hunks that all link up wonderfully into a grand, correct, satisfying, objective, reasonable, popular, morally pleasing, somewhat comforting -- but still needing each of us  to fight the clear "bad guys" view of what is happening.

Then there are evil sorts like myself and the Koch brothers that say that universe is false -- and indeed that the universe that I inhabit is FALSE AS WELL, with the exception that I will claim there IS an understandable transcendent framework for what we all see with meaning and direction from a loving God.

But that is by FAITH ... , but so is the alternate view that it is all random and meaningless with the exception of the wonderful "meaning" described above as "the standard world view".  With that view, your "hope" is that you were right!

I say you get to pick, but BO, WaPO, NPR, etc say, no you don't! -- unless you want to be an idiot.

Eventually though, if not already,  your speech or other activity is labeled as "hate" or something else "not of the will of today's truth",  so you  run afoul of the IRS, NSA, EPA, or some other alphabet agency and become not just "wrong", but CRIMINAL.

So maybe it is safer to just think that the Koch's ARE the biggest oil sands player?

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