Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Libertarian Fails to Sink Republican

In Florida, Republicans win first election showdown of the year -

I happened to catch NPR yesterday talking about how "this race COULD show that BOcare is OK" and then extolling the virtues of the "strong Libertarian candidate". The Democrats ran a candidate that narrowly lost the race for Governor in 2010 and poured money into the race in a district that BO won in 2012.
Jolly won 48.5% of the vote, and Sink got just under 47%. Libertarian candidate Lucas Overby was a distant third, with just under 5% of the ballots cast.
48.5 + 5 = 53.5 vs 47%, it would have been a LANDSLIDE!  Everyone knows that Libertarians take votes away from Republicans, the MSM just fails to talk about it. Oh sure, they can always find the INSANE Libertarian that says "we pull votes equally", and for those that are from this planet, their choice is pretty simple: There is the candidate on the statist left, the Democrat, then there is the middle candidate, the Republican, who I freely admit is usually WAY too far to the left, and then there is the Libertarian on the right ... edging over toward that anarchistic right hand. The Libertarian makes the claim that the R and the D are tweedle D and tweedle Dum, so it MAKES NO DIFFERENCE, and they MUST pull the L lever to "create REAL " ... and because the other lifeforms on their planet are doing it.

Often their "change" is another far lefty like Mark Dayton, and the fact that the Libertarian killed the Republican candidate naturally gets no coverage in the media -- be a shame to have some of those folks return to earth!

So in this case, the strong Libertarian failed to hand the election to the Democrats, but I'll bet that some of the lefty donors were throwing a bit of money that way. NPR was sure as heck doing all they could to point out how strong a candidate that Libertarian was!

Given this outcome though, FL 13 is like MH370, gone without a trace! Had the outcome been the other way, it would be headline news today "BOcare Wins!"

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