Monday, March 10, 2014

Liberty, Equality, Efficiency

Liberty, Equality, Efficiency -

So does reducing inequality through redistribution hurt economic growth? Not according to two landmark studies by economists at the International Monetary Fund, which is hardly a leftist organization
So "left" is statist control by small groups of experts, and "right" is distributed liberty of control by everyone. It is obvious that a small international organization of "experts"  that controls money on a world wide bases is NOT "leftist"? Well, if it isn't, then what WOULD a "leftist organization" be? Also recall that the IMF thinks that global wealth confiscation from the savings of the middle class is "the only way out" of the current GLOBAL economic crisis that includes Europe ... who Paul thinks we STILL need to emulate. 

Paul prattles on about how if you are one of the "40 million children living in poverty", equality of opportunity is a "cruel joke". What he doesn't say is that this is after 50 years of "war on poverty" which has primarily given us a vast number of single parent homes, drug addiction and urban violence. So far the "liberal" policies that were supposed to improve lives for the poor have made things worse -- but never mind, the ONLY "reasonable thing to do" is to double down on those policies!

Ah, "efficient" -- somehow those experts are ALWAYS certain that they can be "efficient". Tyranny IS a highly efficient form of government, but one needs to check if the "trains" are on time running to the amusement park or to the crematorium!

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