Thursday, March 13, 2014

Merging Self-Righteousness with Empirical Delusion

‘Free to Be’ Boys and Girls: 40 Years After the Failed Gender Revolution |
The writer Andrew Sullivan is right when hedescribesthe sex difference as “so obvious no one really doubted it until very recently, when the blank-slate left emerged, That delusion was jumpstarted in 1974 with the advent of “Free To Be… You and Me.” Today, an army of gender scholars and activists is marching in support of the genderless ideal. But these warriors forget that ignoring differences between boys and girls can be just as damaging as creating differences where none exist. “Free to Be” is a cautionary example of how an idealistic social fantasy can turn into a blueprint for repression

The title is a good description of the "liberal" thought process, which unsurprisingly OFTEN (always?) results in "idealistic social fantasies that are blueprints for repression". 

Do we really need more "cautionary stories"? Take the idea of either "intention", or "great reverence for millions of years of randomness" out of creation, replace it with "self-righteousness and empirical delusions", and is there EVER a result other than disaster for at least thousands if not millions of people, up to and including mass slaughter? 

America's "war on poverty" is certainly an example of how an idealistic social fantasy turned into a blueprint for repression. The black male was replaced by the government as head of household. So he and his sons vacated said home for the streets, drugs, swagger and violence. Thus, in huge numbers they end up incarcerated or dead. 

We may be created in God's image, but it is less than a cartoon image.  We are NOT "little gods".

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