Thursday, March 20, 2014

WaPo Questions BO Sophistry

President Obama’s foreign policy is based on fantasy - The Washington Post:

We all have a little sophist  and/or narcissist in us -- the idea that the rest of the universe is just a reflection of us, that "everyone else is like us".  Mostly it is pretty innocuous, it just gets costly when we are foolish enough to elect a leader deep in the immaterialist fog.

It is actually why "liberals"  have so much trouble with evil, Hitler, Jeffry Dahmer or someone being a "conservative". They fervently believe that since THEY are absolutely "good inside", and there is no god, devil, or "dark side" in the universe, it HAS to be a case of "poor education, being exposed to religion, mental illness, or SOMETHING other than an actual diverse universe where everyone ISN'T "just like them"!!!!!

OMG, that CAN'T  be true!!!!

Except as WaPo seems to be noticing, it IS! We really DO have to "pay attention to that man behind the curtain".  No matter how fervently you believe that all matter exists only in your head, there may be a Samuel Johnson that shows up and refutes your view thusly.

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