Friday, April 04, 2014

Barabas Lives!

You will be MADE to think as we do! 

Remember the Puritans? Freedom has NEVER been free, and is UNnatural to humans. Christian Exceptionalism is love for others and most importantly TOLERANCE in the culture (render unto Ceasar). The Puritans were rigorous in their own interpretetation of what they saw as the piety of the Bible, and they sought freedom from the state telling them how they had to worship. 

The human urge to piety relative to a set of beliefs and enforcing that piety as a standard is a constant of human nature -- again, like breathing. We ARE going to do it, the issue is just "how". 

Christ provided an impossible standard (Christ's) as a model,  but explicity forbade using personal power or the power of the state to enforce the standard on others by any means other than "loss of fellowship" for those that claimed to be believers but rejected the standard. 

When humans take the place of God, they DEMAND compliance for ALL, and they ALWAYS end up using the power of the state to enforce their view of "right". 

"Right" (mans right) is made law by FORCE, the only mechanism avaible once Gods standards, justice and love are refused. 

"Give us Barabas"! The cry that still echos loudly!

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