Monday, April 21, 2014

BDS Attacks Beauty and Truth

Robert Fulford: The BDS smokescreen | National Post:

It is easy to confuse beauty with goodness and truth, it does seem like they ought to go together, and in this case, they do.

Boycott, Divest, Sanction was a acronym that I was not familiar with ... although we do hear enough of the idea of the terms relative to anyone that doesn't fully prostrate themselves before the alter of "progressive" dogma in all its strains. It appears that Oxfam of which I had heard but never really knew anything about beyond "progressive / international" is indeed a solid member of the "progressive" tribe.

Proof of God and Christ is really awfully easy even if one hardly opens their eyes. You would certainly THINK that an organization like Oxfam  would be WILDLY opposed to a religion that puts women in burkas, marries off girls less than 10, burns, stones or throws gays from "a high place", and on and on.

You might think that, but you would be wrong! It is Israel that they actually hate!

Even with a crushed head, Satan can and does still direct the hatred of billions against God and Truth. At one time it was possible to add "The American Way" to that list, but old snake has managed to corrupt that last one away. The Church and the Word will stand -- nations don't have that guarantee, and when they turn away, they fall.

Does it really take any more of test of evil than to see the Muslim way proudly "Shopped, Invested, and Subsidized", while the Judeo-Christian side is "BDSed" to clearly see the truth?

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