Sunday, April 27, 2014

Bundy, Sterling, Wagging the Dog, The Party (TP)

Cliven Bundy: Another conservative folk hero exposes racial nerve -

I happen to be in the middle of the "left hand clapping" sound and fury book called  "Dog Whistle Politics". In a world with only a left side, one could imagine a complete creation on the right of "the southern strategy" and "coded messages' (the "dog whistle" ... only the DOGS ... (eg. white folk, but that is OK, NOT racist! ), can hear them). The one sided universe is always a tidy place, and the book really does a great job of pointing out how that one hand sounds (with A LOT of amplification!).

I wonder how "Monkey Call Politics" with some encoding that only blacks hear would fly? Even though monkeys are significantly smarter than dogs.

The next house that I build is only going to have a south side by the way -- the north side gets too many ice dams in the winter, so I've decided to do away with it. I know it is a brilliant idea -- like wealth without work, peace through weakness, leading from behind, ... where if you like your organs (or your guns), you can keep them! (Trust ME!)

Oh, you see a problem with a home without a north side? Actually it COULD somewhat be done, earth home -- but that isn't really the point here. The point is that everything in this world has AT LEAST 3 dimensions, usually more, but for US cases we like to focus on 2, when typically there IS actually just ONE being seen! Because that is what we are SUPPOSED to see!

I need to make "The Party" (TP) clear. One aspect of it is Democrats, but it is far more than that. Teachers, university professors, government workers, union members, hollywood people, media people, lawyers, doctors, corporate employees, etc are required to be  "registered Democrats" or to SHUT THE F**K UP! You have to be a de-facto TPM (THE Party Member) to even survive, let alone get ahead.

So "The Party" suggests that certain kinds of speech are "hate speech, disallowed". Interesting that BO in his book "Dreams" used the "N*word" multiple times, including calling his Grandfather a "House N##GER".  He also discusses the desire to "filter the white blood from his veins". There really is no dilemma there ... that is the difference between being IN or OUT of the TP (THE Party). As long as you have enough POWER, (and BO does), you actually have the "illusion of freedom" ... this is what those on the left dream of. Rising through the ranks with proper fealty to get to the point where YOU are the elite, the 1%, the mighty.

Really though, you are not. Unless your rights are UNALIENABLE,  endowed by your CREATOR, they are only temporary whims of some potentate or power group, see TP!

 In actual Freedom, like the US used to be, nobody really cared that much what Bundy, Sterling or BO said in some context that wasn't ACTION. Words were words and action was action ... you could be a racist, sexist, homo or homophobic, Cracker, Kike, Hymie, Dago, Whop, Pollack, etc, etc, and other than maybe getting your butt kicked if you wanted to bring your slurs out in the wrong context, "sticks and stones would break your bones, but words would never hurt you".

No longer --- we are WAY down the road to TP deciding "allowable speech" -- the discussion is supposed to be OVER (see SHUT THE F##K UP) on race, climate, BO care, Quantitative Easing, higher taxes for "the rich", etc, etc ... that list HAS grown and WILL keep growing.

So far, you won't go to jail for much of it (or worse), but these things take a bit -- you make it CLEAR that WE ... TP, will use whatever word, phrasing, etc, whenever and however we choose. (See BITTER CLINGERS) ... said by a Non-TPM, that kind of remark is RACIST! "Those people" were taken out and stereotyped, and for a Non-TPM, that is RACISM.

But that list grows every day ... climate "deniers" are not much better than racists already and their stock is going down nearly as fast as the temperature.

MUST we really care what some rancher in NV who was picked for his 15min of fame by being targeted by the BLM in the first place, or some NBA owner? The NBA is not exactly a "race equalized" environment last I checked. I mean, if the number of Blacks in prison is a result of racism rather than action, you CAN'T be going to tell me that blacks hold all those NBA places on MERIT can you?

OH, and if we DO care, then why does BO skate?

Right now, "racism" is a FAR better thing for TP to discuss than Ukraine, N Korea, the economy, BOcare, China, Keystone, IRS, NSA, Al Quaeda, or a WHOLE host of other things ... so all branches of TP, the propaganda wing called the MSM being key, and focused in race!

Wake up people ...

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