Thursday, April 24, 2014

Central Park 5 Railroad

What You Won't Read in the Papers About the 'Central Park Five' - Ann Coulter - Page 1:

In my listens to NPR I have heard multiple shows including whole hour segments with Ken Burns on this topic. I really enjoy Ken Burns and he does great work, but if you have a surgeon that you know absolutely hates you, you need to have a REALLY high degree of trust before you let him do brain surgery on you.

"The Civil War" was superb,  "Baseball" was fine ... and I've seen some of his stuff on national parks, etc.

But he has an agenda ... so do I, I'm not faulting him for his, I just preach PAY ATTENTION!  When he took on "The Central Park Five", it was pretty obvious that he wanted to convince a vast swath of Americans that we can be and were manipulated by our prejudices, public officials and media to believe things that are completely false!

I naturally agree with him whole heartedly -- we elected BO for goodness sake, we are freezing through yet another spring of "warming", we were out of oil in the '70s, Slick Willie "didn't have sex" ... the litany could go on nigh on forever.

But "The Central Park Five" seems to have a bit more of "another side". I'm not sure exactly why this "cause" excited Ken  so much, but he REALLY went over to the side of "lets beat on the powers that were" from that time. COULD it be true that "it was all a big trumped up racist mistake"? Sure. It could be true that BO really changed all his beliefs from the time he wrote "Dreams", or he never wrote it and didn't even believe all that stuff about doing in the "Colonialists" in the first place as well ... but I doubt it.

Many things are "possible", but the skeptic circuit is sounding on this one.

A bit of thought on this, and even a perusal of the show is WELL worth the time just to understand what Ken Burns THINKS (or at least wants to convince you for some reason) is possible if the government / media / elite decides they want to pin something on you! But look at Ann's evidence and consider both sides. (She has an agenda too ... but YOU don't, do you??)

Conservatives, Christians and Gun Owners take note! The next "Central Park 5 Railroad" might have you on it, and THIS time Ken will be making certain that there are no "holes" in the prosecution!

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