Friday, April 11, 2014

Eventually They Must Turn on Each Other

Civil War on the Left? | Power Line:

I've often commented on the irony of those who believe the most strongly in the forces of natural selection doing all they can to insure that their constituency minimizes chances of offspring through birth control, abortion, gay marriage and other means.

Similarly, when you believe that the pie is a fixed size and the job of government is to fight over the pieces, then as you gain more and more power:
There is no way out of this for Democrats.  Once you believe that the pie is fixed and has to be divvied up by the state, eventually you’ll have to turn on one another. 
The force of Life or the force of Death?

"Our party seeks to constantly reduce the number of offspring each family has, and to do our best to insure that children grow to revere the government but hate the history of their own country, as well as the beliefs of their parents and ancestors. Our bright shining promised future is what is ONLY to be revered!"

"We are the party of not working. We see Robin Hood as our patron saint, and we seek to follow the maxim of Jesse Jackson and "Take from the greedUH and give to the needUH!"

"There is only so much to go around and every policy we espouse that there will be less overall and that a greater percentage of the shrinking pie will go to an ever larger group of our party members that are well paid to oversee the public gulag".

... and on it goes. The slide into totalitarian hell seems so obvious, but like lemmings, most of humanity is wired to follow the crowd.

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