Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Fixing the WoW (War on Women)

Equal pay? Not on the basketball court – USATODAY.com:

I'm quite certain that BO is way out ahead of me on this one, after all, he not only cares far more deeply about women, but is a much bigger basketball fan than I am.

Certainly all the events and speeches and the touting of the "77%" number on "Equal Pay Day" -- one of those quasi holidays that THE PARTY runs to get the membership out and keep them touting the "flavor of the day", are going to be aghast at pay discrepancies in the the 200x vicinity!

There can be no question where BO is on this issue! I can't imagine him sitting down and enjoying another basketball game until this grossly unfair situation for women is remedied! Fixing this is simple and straightforward:
  1. Immediately mandate 100% pay parity for all professional basketball players. This is simple and easy and there is no possible justification for allowing this clear case of blatant discrimination to continue An intelligent guy like BO can maybe suggest the proper percentage adjustments, but since male basketball players are obviously horribly overpaid (more than CEOs! and most CEOs "don't even got game!"), something like 80% cut in salaries for the males and then a 50x or so increase for women players should be in the general vicinity of fair. (no doubt BO can appoint a large "blue ribbon commission" meeting in all sorts of nice destinations for a few years to hone the numbers).
  2. Most likely this is still not going to be economically sustainable, so it seems to me that we need "affirmative market action". Perhaps a digital device that tracks basketball viewing could be required, so that in order to watch the NBA, a viewer must first spend an equal time watching the WNBA! I can see this kind of solution providing a huge assist in achieving the kind of results that all right thinking Americans (especially BO) are in favor of! 
Starting to achieve a truce in this ghastly WoW in some relatively simple areas like sport that while popular, are not cornerstones of the economy is a great way to make real progress in an obviously important area of the push to fairness!

W-NASCAR, W-MLB, W-NFL -- the future looks bright for equality in American sport!

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