Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Give us More Bullies!

In the universe called reality there are actually limits on the ability of the prissy class to prevent bullying. Much better to have some big friends, preferably with big guns, and while you are at it maybe try to at least imagine what some testicles might be like on your own.

This fits so well with the various states working on "Bully Policies" for schools. These people are nuts. The best cure for a bully is somebody bigger and stronger that has some character that gives them the "what for", and if they don't get it, kicks their ass. They bully because they want to feel powerful -- a curb sandwich tends to reduce the feeling of power.

What the current gyrations do in the classroom and internationally is allow the dirt-balls that just just don't give a rats ass to operate with impunity, while preventing the usual "enforcers of truth and decency" ... the linemen from the football team, the wrestlers, the weight lifters and just the big tough good kids from making sure the weenies are keeping their profile suitably low. The good kids have something to lose, and these policies insure that they will let the actual bullies that "think they are tough" fail to learn their real status as they continue to beat up on the weak.

America used to be like that -- and our superheroes. Superman, Batman, Iron Man, Captain America, etc. We still like those guys, we go watch them at the movies, even though the current versions have a lot of "issues" compared to the old versions, when the chips are down, they still kick ass and are able to know the difference between good and evil.

But since we no longer as America see a clear sense of right and wrong and are very unsure  to even SURE that America is NOT on the "side of good". In fact our President wrote a whole book pretty much making the case that America was pretty damned bad (his Pastor even said God DAMN America ... but Barry was sleeping that day)

So we are a long way down the road to stamping out righteous heroes (along with the whole idea of righteousness), de-exceptionalzing our own capabilities relative to economic and military might,  and allowing the bullies to run roughshod.

Way to go Barry, and your prissy friends as well!  I'm sure Vlad will be gentle with you ... he has the perfect name for a nice gentle guy. Barry vs Vlad ... doubt that would be much of a draw for the WWE.

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