Friday, April 25, 2014

In Love, Mia Love

Matheson retirement clears the way for Mia Love [Updated] | Power Line:

Gotta curb my enthusiasm but I just donated $50 to Mia and I'm a bit giddy.

I know she just is just another human being that puts her knickers on one leg at a time, and I'm SURE the TP ("The Party"(formerly Democrat)) is going to do ALL they can to take her down! Who knows, maybe she smoked a joint in HS? Seems like that would be a KILLER for HER ... perhaps Barry and his "choom gang" could heap some righteous indignation on her. She isn't running to represent Tokarado after all!

The Republican "War on Women" ... all women, including their mothers, sisters, wives, etc, has always seemed a tiny bit suspect to me (I KNOW, it is PROVEN ... like warming), but TP war on BLACK conservatives, and ESPECIALLY Black Conservative, ATTRACTIVE, INTELLIGENT, Women is VERY Clear!

Mia is CERTAINLY a woman of gigantic courage. Look at what they did to Sarah Palin! It is hard to even imagine how hard they are going to come after this woman -- take Sarah x Condoleezza x Allen West x Clarence Thomas, and we MAY be getting CLOSE to the ballpark, but I actually fear for her life. The left is SEETHING with hatred for this woman.

Man, they HATE any woman that is Republican. If she is attractive, they start going nuts. If she is intelligent as well, ALL the stops come out ... witness Sarah Palin ... "let's get her kids!!!!"

Throw BLACK into the mix and the apocalypse is absolutely here in the "liberal" mind. In order to get rid of this kind of "evil" how could they possibly stop at anything???

Talk about leaving the left wing Thought Plantation!! An intelligent, attractive, BLACK Republican Congress WOMAN!  If she is a Christian as well, there might be TP members actually having their heads explode!

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